Saturday, 22 June 2013

From my desk, 22/6/13

With winter upon us it would now be a great time to stay indoors and settle at the desk with a cuppa, ignoring the cold, wet day outside.  However, there are chores to be done and more writing has to be put aside accordingly, but only temporarily and for just a few hours.
I’ve recently returned from a trip to the Land of the Great White Cloud, New Zealand, visiting my family, and have come back refreshed and ready to go again.  And yes, it was cold and wet there, too.  But, it is also a beautiful country and worth the effort to go see it.
I am happy to report that my first novel, Interrupted Romance, has been well received, and energises me to continue with my second book, as yet unnamed.  But if all goes well it should be released before mid-August this year.  The proverbial “writers’ block” did hit me before my holiday, but I am back on schedule now and working towards chapters in the middle of my story.  Which, incidentally, is written around the times of 1815-1820, in old Parramatta, [known as the birthplace of the nation], when convict labour was available to private enterprise, and was, in reality, the making of the country’s wealth at that time.

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