Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Topsy's next book The Dairy Cottage

Greetings! Having come near to completing my 2nd novel I have found myself going in an almost opposite direction to where I originally intended. Old Government House at Parramatta was to have been the focus of my story, but instead I have leaned very heavily towards the dairy cottage in the domain precincts of OGH.

The families living in the cottage became the story. So, having blind-sided myself accidentally, I have now decided to make one story into three. That is, the dairy cottage story of 1815-1820 becomes ‘Book 1’, and I continue later with Books 2 & 3, following the Cavendish family through to the beginning of the 20th century. How did I do this? I don’t know. It just happened. My fingers wrote a story my brain hadn’t even known about when I started this exercise.

All being well, Book 1 will be completed within a few weeks; edited and published by mid-July 2013. Watch for:

CAVENDISH COURT, BY THE RIVER Book 1 – The Dairy Cottage

Don’t hold me to it, but book 2, may be called:

CAVENDISH COURT, BY THE RIVER Book 2 – Peter Cavendish, Physician

I then anticipate the next one to be:


It’s really been quite good fun to start a project like this one. Turning to writing in my retirement years has been something of a revelation for me. I found I like writing. My dog hates it! I don’t pay enough attention to her, apparently. Nevertheless, she still loves me, and is often underfoot as I sit at my desk. Take care and enjoy life.

Cheers T.B.

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